The Emergence of America

In this continuation of the most action-packed historical adventure, Omni’s students relive the United States’ emergence as a major player on the world’s stage.  We’ll explore the underpinnings of our nation’s first century: the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; important presidents, the Louisiana Purchase, which tripled the size of our country; moving west, war with Mexico, and the War Between the States, one of the most dramatic times in our history. As we move on toward modern times, we’ll witness industrialization and the growth of cities through immigration, which made us the world’s most diverse nation; the construction of the Panama Canal, which cut the time at sea between our East and West Coast by 2/3; and the Suffragette movement, which gave women the vote.

Spring 2024

Tuesday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.   –   1/16/24 – 5/21/24

Grades 2 to 7. 

$600 per semester.