About Us

Who We Are

Omni Learning Center offers an enriched learning program – exciting, lively, and challenging lessons that open up a whole new universe.
Lorraine Gerstl and Margaret Lotz share a philosophy of show me and let me discover, don’t just tell me dry facts. Help me to widen my world by helping me to love learning for its own sake! Omni knows there is much more to education than the reduced opportunities available in teaching to standard, test-driven curricula.  At Omni, learning is a hands-on experience.
Lorraine and Margaret, experienced in all phases of primary and middle school education, simply love to teach. Their loving creativity in fields as diverse as reading, geography, history, science, poetry, music, art, and drama are well-known in our community, in which they have taught during their combined 65+ years of successful results.  Their intrinsic love of teaching and high-energy, high-spirited programs have brought the joy of education to thousands of children.

Our Mission

The mission of Omni Learning Center is to offer educational enrichment for primary students in Grades Two through Eight.  Students will be exposed to much of the classical knowledge to broaden and support a child’s natural curiosity.   We believe that while reading, writing, study skills, public speaking, music, drama, and art are all important components of learning, the most important element is building a life long excitement and desire for learning.