Omni Testimonials

“The instructors of Omni Learning Center are professional, innovative, and truly care for the students they teach.  They use modern and time tested methods to “catch” your student’s inspiration.  They adapt to differences in student learning needs as well as styles.  They aim always to meet the needs of the individual student.  Without hesitation, the instructors of Omni Learning Center are the best and every student is in good hands!”

-Richard & Maria Avelino

When I asked my son why Mrs. Gerstl was his favorite teacher ever, he said, “That’s simple. She made every kid feel special and believe he or she could succeed. It may have taken some longer than others, but no matter your pace, she was with you every step of the way. She made learning fun. I think we were so engaged we didn’t realize how much we were learning – to us we were just doing fun projects.”

-Mary Kay Finley


“Thank you so much for keeping me updated with all the new class schedules and information. I am hearing so many wonderful things about your classes throughout the homeschool community. Congratulations on your success! I’m so glad it’s working out. You and your teaching partner are definitely filling a niche in our local homeschooling world!”

-Tara Devlin


“I just want to thank you both again for this class and for being who you are. You are both lovely, kind, gracious, put so much time, effort, and planning into this class-we can tell!!! Max looks forward to coming to class each week and I know he’s safe, cared for, and is learning valuable lessons. I am so grateful you both decided to start Omni. We will most definitely be signing both Max and Ethan up for classes in the fall! You both are truly the best!”
Julie Garcia

“Thank you so much for creating Omni Learning Center. Mainly, thank you for having patience with my children and being able to understand their needs. Thank you for understanding their different learning skills and catering to them.”
With love,