Omni Learning Guide To Study For Success

Every page in Study for Success is designed to help you. You will become confident as you work with new subjects, homework, exams, schedules and projects. Based on scientific research and successfully used with middle and high school students, you can learn the tools that you need for mastery, success and with less stress.

Learning how to study teaches life-long skills. This book fits perfectly with the maxim “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” You can take Study for Success with you for high school, college, graduate school, and into your career because you will know how to master new materials.

Our society and therefore, our children, expect immediate results. They are told they are brilliant and gifted. So, what IS IT that happens as they begin to mature? Why doesn’t learning come easily, quickly verifying that the child is a genius? The answer lies in how a student studies. The term “toddler” means just that…a young child is learning how to walk. The number of times they fall is without number, yet they themselves get back up, determined to continue on. The same can be said about riding the first bicycle and learning how to swim—the child would never stop, the challenge is too much fun!

The student wanting to succeed in a class can have the same approach, a “can do attitude,” instead of the fear of failure. Working for mastery is NOT an impossible task; it is actually enjoyable and rewarding when the student follows the steps within Study for Success. Years after graduation students still return to Mrs. Lotz to say “thank you” for teaching them how to study.