Omni’s legendary Coming to America United States history class expands and becomes doubly exciting because we’ll study the totality of the American experience, not only from the traditional East-Coast-Moving-West Experience, but How the West was won as well! We’ll explore everything from The Earliest Settlements (Pilgrims Come to America; Jamestown and Virginia; Geography up to the Mississippi River; Settling in the Northwest Territory – Rivals Everywhere; Culture – Population, Home Life, Education, Transportation, Events in Europe) to Crossing the Mississippi (Wagon Trains Ho!  Along the Trails to the West; Land, Gold, Silver!; Settling the “Left Coast” – Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and the Mountain West; the unique Geography of the Region; and the importance of the Railroads); and finally ending up with a major study of Eureka! Finding and populating California – The Golden State (the Geography of California: Size  –  Neighbors  –  Mountains  – Deserts – Bodies of Water;  History – Indigenous Peoples, Spanish Colonization, and 1845 – 1848; Lifestyles of Indigenous Peoples, Missions, the Discovery of Gold; How Californians Earn a Living -Past and Present: Agriculture, Technology, the Silver Screen, Tourism, Industry; and Bringing Water to a Thirsty State: the California Aqueduct Project which built Los Angeles). Students will come face-to-face, “up close and personal” with the most important home we’ll ever have!

Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. – 12 noon

Beginning January 19, 2022.

Grades 2 through 7.

The cost for the semester is $500.00.