Chess is an ancient board game invented in India, traveling through the Arabic world into Christian Europe in the Middle Ages where the modern names of the pieces and rules evolved into the present game. At a time when digital video games have captured the hearts and minds of our youth, chess is an exciting, lifelong set of skills that will benefit students in virtually every aspect of their academic lives.  Chess promotes great social skills, but for school its other attributes are numerous: Focus and concentration, creativity and analysis, problem solving and planning, all help to define a player’s strength, and work to empower a student not only in the classroom, but as they deal with the challenges of daily life.

This class will strive to cover basic moves and strategies, and introduce specific tactics to achieve direct results. We will cover algebraic notation, to play through instructive games and to record student games, and cover relative values of the pieces and study a complement of classical openings. We will use printed and digital materials, and learn how study and play through an internet chess application.

The driving motive is to have fun while working on academic skills.
(shhhh…don’t tell the kids)

All supplies will be provided.

Instructor bio: Richard Lake

Richard Lake is a California Certificated Teacher, recently retired after 27 years with the Monterey County Office of Education and two years teaching at MPC. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA and the Monterey Institute of International Studies.
Though an amateur chess player, he has instructed numerous high school and middle school students in chess fundamentals, as part of school academic programs.

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