A Learning Journey Through History with Omni Learning Center

What top news story of 3200 B.C. affected our lives today?1

When and where was the first pyramid built?2

How will people make a living in the year 2050?

Students at OMNI LEARNING CENTER on California’s central coast will learn the answers to these, and a thousand-and-one other meaningful questions through a process of hands-on learning, thanks to a new and thrilling educational enrichment program, devised for children from 8-13 by popular veteran teachers Margaret Lotz and Lorraine Gerstl in Monterey County, California.

OMNI LEARNING CENTER is a learning journey through history, bringing meaningful lessons from the past to life through cooperative efforts and total immersion.  The lessons of history resonate through 2½ hour afternoon sessions twice a week, designed especially for home schoolers that are affordable and understandable.

Most important, OMNI LEARNING CENTER focuses on the unity of humankind, teaching young minds that history is simply another way of saying “His (and her) story,” and that what happens today is based on what happened in the past, and what happens today will certainly shape the future.

1 Written language invented in Uruk, Sumeria.

2 Memphis, Egypt, 2620 B.C.