Omni Learning Guide to Reading Comprehension Strategies

“I know I should read more, but I’m so busy, it takes time to read, and so much of what I try to read doesn’t really make that much sense to me …” Those can be the words of a third grader or, just as easily, the words of an adult. In our hurry-up world of bits and bytes, and the need for instant gratification, the sad and simple truth is that people don’t read as much as they used to and, more tragic, they understand what they read far less than in the past.

In this practical, hands-on Guide, the author, a Master Teacher with more than thirty-five years of practical success teaching both children and adults of all ages, shares her Ideas on teaching reading comprehension strategies! The underlying message she delivers is: Comprehensive Strategies are important because Reading is an Active, not a Passive, Process.

Reading can seem incredibly complicated. It involves not only making sense of the squiggles on a page – deciphering the alphabetic code and figuring out the words, but reading also entails giving meaning to, understanding, and thereby enjoying what we read.

Reading comprehension is absolutely critical to communication, whether it involves a doctor healing a patient, a lawyer presenting an argument in court, an astronaut needing to know how to repair a malfunction when he is thousands of miles above the earth, or, most important, enriching and widening the scope of your life! In fact, you cannot think of one area of learning or practice where understanding what you read is not absolutely essential.

The more you understand what you read, the less of a drudgery and the more of a joy it becomes. Reading is the key that unlocks the door to the universe.

Get ready to start a great adventure – and to grab hold of the key that will unlock the door to your universe!




Here is a sample of actual reviews of this book. 


“The book is beautiful. I can’t wait to implement your ideas into our homeschool.

I love how the book is laid out. It is very well organized, is visually appealing, is broken down into manageable steps and strategies which makes is so easy to follow and implement. I love the charts you use for examples of exactly HOW to implement the strategies. My brain is already thinking of exactly what I can do with the boys. I LOVE the music idea to help them visualize. I love the way you’ve given us actual real-life and concrete ways, as well as booklists to use in our homeschool or classroom. “This is a wonderful book. I will most definitely be using your ideas to help my boys glean as much as possible from their reading.”   

J.S.G. – Homeschool parent

“I just finished reading your guide. Thoroughly impressed!!! And so excited to implement right away. Strategies that are helpful for everyone yet simply and practically laid to make it easy to implement. In a decade of homeschooling have never come across a resource like this. Thank you for compiling such a wonderful tool to enrich our reading instruction and overall education of our children. Wish I’d had it for my older kids.”

E.G., Homeschool parent

“Strategies that are helpful for ALL (I’m reminded of important skills for myself) yet simply and practically laid out to make it easy to implement. In a decade of homeschooling I have not come across a resource like this. Thank you for compiling such a wonderful tool to enrich our reading instruction and overall education of our children. I highly recommend this resource not only to my homeschooling families, but to all who want to strengthen the essential reading comprehension skills.”

– Actual Amazon Review *****

“If any of my homeschooling, teacher, or parent friends are looking for strategies to help their students or children improve their reading comprehension, I cannot recommend this book highly enough! It is an amazing guide that lays everything out in 12 easy-to-implement strategies. The author thoroughly explains each strategy, gives instructions on how to teach the strategy, then includes wonderfully helpful charts to demonstrate what this looks like. She even includes blank charts at the end of the book for your students to use! I love how clearly she explains everything and the book lists she provides at the end of each section. This book is an extension of all she has blessed our students with. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to help their children or students enhance their reading comprehension skills!”

– Actual Amazon Review *****

💙Omni Learning Center’s Guide to Reading Comprehension Strategies is SOLID GOLD!!! Any parent. teacher, or tutor will be delighted with this research-and-practical teaching-based, hands on tool which was created by a Master Teacher!! Please feel free to share the good news about this affordable resource! Beat the dreaded summer slide in an engaging way!! Summer is officially here and this delightful, student friendly guide will most definitely keep scholars gently supported!!! I am impressed with how user-friendly it is!

– L.M., Teacher and resource guidance counselor