Chess – The best selling board game of all time

In this class, students will engage in the most popular board game of all time, one that takes 20 minutes to learn and the rest of their lives to master; combining strategy, intelligence, and absolutely zero elements of chance or luck. Two opposing nations wage war against each other battling until there is a lone king cornered. At a time when digital video games have captured the hearts, minds, time and money of so many people, Chess provides an inexpensive, exciting, lifelong set of skills that will benefit students in virtually every aspect of their academic, social, and recreational lives. One of our most popular classes ever expands to a full semester, taught by the incomparable Richard Lake, who has introduced hundreds of kids from 7 on up to the magic world of Chess.

Time: Wednesday mornings from 9:30: a.m. to 11:00 a.m

Date: Beginning January 18, 2023

Grades: 2-8

Cost: $450